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A Lap Kft

Since it is registration in 1987, our Company, has been engaged in the manufacturing and maintenance of high quality band-saw blades. Year by year we have improved on the market and we have always kept the quality as our main goal. The quality of raw materials that we use is certified by the biggest producer of metals in Europe. Technology is one of the most important component in a factory, that’s why we constantly keep the bar on a high level. The machines that we use are mainly from Iseli Swiss and we take into account that we need the latest technology to make our products the best. Our teams are very well trained and prepared to face with all kind of situations that can occur in the process of wood cutting. Our main goal is to produce quality products that are based on the clients needs. Having more infos about the technology that client use, help us to improve the quality of the final products. We are developing new products that are able to improve the quality and the quantity of the cutted wood. But this is not all, we can help you to increase your profits while the blade costs are decreasing.