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Wolco Cisidel

We have a design office and a Research and Development department where we study and conceive the product with added value for our clients. We belong to the CFAA (Advanced Center of Aeronautical Fabrication) and the HEGAN (Aeronautical Cluster of Basque Counrty). We belong as well to Wolco Group which regroups four companies giving « cutting solutions » to our clients in all the technical fields: steel industry, mechanics, aeronautics, recycling, and the wood industry. Woloc, ALFE Cutting, Cisidel and Carbid Tool are part of this group. Furthermore, we have created a new division in Aeronautics and we are the main provider of tools to most of the aeronautics companies, who vouch for us as a provider of quality, price, and time. Wolco is conviently located near Bilbao, which allows us to profit from all the main transportation routes to our clients.